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About Us

BestAntiVirusProtection’s expertise lies in the remote installation of top of line internet security software for businesses or for individual’s computers and networks.

Today’s business computers will have bank account numbers, passwords, secret questions, and valuable information. This is the kind of data that must be secured while using the internet and also from employees using security account access features.

BestAntiVirusProtection provides network based security audits, installations, and continuous monitoring for corporate / enterprise / small business / personal computers and networks.

On a daily basis Windows / Linux Servers and networks across North America are routinely scanned for viruses/malware/scripts/adware using top of the line internet security software from Symantec, Kapersky, Bitdefender, McAfee and TrendMicro.

Back-end monitoring allows us to keep your computers optimized and secured at all times, allowing you to focus on operating and expanding your business instead of fixing security computer related issues.

Internet Security Software Installation

Basic Antivirus, Internet Security, or complete security suites with firewall are installed on personal computers, separate computers for small businesses, or deployed over a network for corporate applications.

SSL Installations

SSl Certificates are installed on websites as a requirement for some eCommerce applications that integrate with bank/payment gateways.

WordPress Hardening

Our team can implement configurations on any WordPress site, single or multi-site, to prevent hacking, spamming, IP blocks, backdoor scripts, and user lockouts for automated password guessing software.

Remote Network Security Monitoring

Business Internet Security Software allows us to continuously monitor a network computer remotely for any threats and remove these should they occur.

Virus Removals

We offer complete remote scans of your computer to detect and delete any malware, adware, virus, keyloggers, trojans, or spyware.


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