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McAfee LiveSafe Worldwide Use 1 Year Unlimited Users KeyCard

McAfee LiveSafe Worldwide Use 1 Year Unlimited Users KeyCard


McAfee LiveSafe Worldwide Use 1 Year Unlimited Users


Product Description


Installation Instructions. This purchase of McAfee LiveSafe Worldwide Use 1 Year Unlimited Users and comes with a free installation via teamviewer remote software. Please understand that no CD will be shipped to you, only a License KeyCard will be sent. This is a McAfee LiveSafe Worldwide Use 1 Year Unlimited Users code that will be delivered to you via email within 24 hrs after order.
McAfee LiveSafe Worldwide Use 1 Year Unlimited Users KeyCard
Country Activation: Worldwide
Operating Systems: Windows 7 8 10 iOS MAC
Installation and Support: Your product purchase comes with full product support.At any time during the subscription time, whether its 1 year or 3 years, should there be an issue with any installation issues relating to the software, call us for support.
Returns:: Due to the nature of the licenses provided, once this item has been purchased and the license code has been issued, then no returns will be given. You are strongly encouraged to install the free trial of the software from the vendors website, and once that has been installed, then proceed to purchase the license code. In the unlikely event that the software cannot be activated, then your money will be refunded 100%.Physically shipped items must be returned unopened and unused for any refunds.
Remote Support.: All our antivirus / internet security software sales comes with 100% Free Phone/Email Support. Using the free Teamviewer software, our technicians will work on your computer/laptop/server to install the internet security/antivirus should you not be able to do so yourself. Instructions on installation Teamviewer can be seen via this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU-DmjibMd8.
Internet Security and Antivirus License Code Registrations: BestAntiVirusProtection will register the software with the vendor for business clients. This has to be done by us as per agreement with the respective vendors. To complete this contact information in the form of a name, company name, email, mailing address and a telephone number will be needed. Once the license code has been registered with the vendor, then that code will be sent to you. we are authorized resellers of these companies and will offer support. Additional support can be had by calling these companies directly, however, they may want to charge you or up-sell a product.
Authorized Antivirus, Internet Security Sellers for: Avast, AVG, Avira, Bitdefender, Bullguard, G Data, iS3, LavaSoft, Trustport, ESET, Kaspersky, McAfee, Malwarebytes, Panda, Symantec (Norton), TrendMicro, Vipre, Webroot, Zemana.

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Common Activation Issues
MK Security Software

MK Security Software

Common Problems Preventing Activation/Installation of Anitvirus Software

There are many issues that can prevent the activation of antivirus software. This is a list of the most common factors.
1.0 Some antivirus software cannot be installed over other antivirus software. Therefore, before installing, un-install all other security products, including malware. adware blockers. antivirus, internet securities, some firewalls, and  security toolbars on the device, then proceed with installation.
2.0 License codes will only work with the exact type of software already installed on your device. For example, a license code for Norton Security Deluxe will not work with Norton Antivirus Basic. Know  your product before purchasing.
3.0 Administrative privileges is needed to install/un-install software. Confirm that the user has admin access before proceeding.
4.0 Country restrictions. Some software can only be used in certain geographic locations.  Some are labeled North America, others EU, or Central EU only, or UK, AU only etc. Ensure that your district is covered by the software before purchasing. There is a way to work around this using a VPN.
5.0 A virus. or malware is on your computer and that prevents the antivirus from being installed. In cases such as these, expert advice should be sought to install the software and clean the computer. MK Security Software may not be able to assist in SOME of these cases, as physical access to the device may be needed.
6.0 "A Know It All Non Expert." This is an individual who knows how to turn on a computer, and then thinks he/she is an expert on anything to do with a computer. They will refuse assistance from others and then rush to claim a refund on the license code. They will refuse our remote help. Such persons cannot be helped. Please note our return policy on issued licensed codes.
This is not an complete list of reasons, however, this covers most issues. Please contact us should any additional assistance be needed.
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